Yogic healing with Corecell & Herbal Energies

Personalized Energy Healing without medicines or drugs.

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My first slice of stress-free cake in years!

Like Maria, many diabetic patients are leading a happy life without medicines. Thanks to Corecell Energy. 

» What is Corecell Energy

» Get Quantum Mask – Keep pandemic Away

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» Which issues can be addressed?

» Meet the team

» Online appointment

Quantum Mask

Infused with healing energies of herbs, minerals and activated CBD

The Corecell Energy Mask is a truly special answer to the issues we face in the current pandemic. Our greatest fear today is the Virus and all of its variants, and our ‘biggest Blessing’? Being able to stay safe. Ultimately, this is what we are all looking for today; a tried and tested solution to stay safe in from this virus in our day to day lives.

The solution is inside you.

We make it available to you.

Corecell Energy is an advanced yogic energy healing system that uses the embryonic stage’s (Corecells) spiritual energy. Corecells are the building block of the human body. Its energy blueprint can aid in organ rebuilding, total rejuvenation, and can solve many of the health issues. This system prevents many chronic conditions and makes anti-ageing possible. For the first time ever, energy of herbs with time-tested efficiency are also used to bring another dimension of deep healing. Using energetic form of herbs transcends time, space and seasonal limitations and makes Corecell Energy System truly unique. 

» The Science Behind Corecell

» Complementary Medicines (WHO)

Energy from rare & proven single herbs

Have you heard that packaged herbal medicines are less effective than freshly prepared formulations? It is true because their energy is lost while sitting on the shelf. These energies play a major role in mobilizing the healing forces in our body. Herbal energies also have another special feature – they contain energetic blueprint of the herb itself!

Sri Pranaji has blended disease-specific herbal energies to the Corecell Energy system through advanced Siddha Yogic methods, thereby taking possibilities of alternative healing to another level.

Energy of Yarsagumba

Known as biological gold, testimonials of this herb’s efficiency are available in Indian, Chinese, and Buddhist literature for the last 2000 years. Literature suggested a plethora of beneficial therapeutic attributes of Yarsagumba, including anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, and vasorelaxant activities or heart-protective roles

disease-specific Herbal Energies

Energy of herbs that are time-tested and scientifically proven are chosen to provide deeper and effective healing for specific issues. These herbs are recorded in Ayurvedic and Siddha texts and are used by ancient sages to heal and rejuvenate human body. You can learn more about them in sections for specific diseases.


Corecell Energy has emerged as an aid to those who are looking for a complementary system along with professional medical care.


» Heart

» Kidney

» Liver

» Lung

» Thyroid

Help to manage:























Aesthetic Therapies:

» Beauty & Youthfulness

More solutions will be added as soon as scientific validations complete.

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Safe, Natural & Yogic Way

Only water & Energy. No drugs or harmful chemicals are used.

Measurable changes

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Meet the team

We are a team of therapists who have more than a decade of experience in Yoga, Siddha Science and Alternate Healing.  They are dedicated, comapssionate and professional int heir approach.

Sri Pranaji - our founder

Sri Pranaji is the world’s foremost authority in Siddha Sciences and has contributed immensely to the field of energy medicine, varma, and spiritual sciences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have a comprehensive list of questions that will help in solving most of your queries without waiting for us. Still, if you feel that you need to understand more or if you would like to take a first step for your therapy, please book an appointment.

Why Do I Need Corecell Energy?

As we age, our body’s stem cells do not have the ability to renew and replicate into functional cells to maintain the normal functions of the organs. Diseases, illnesses, lifestyle habits, malnourishment, and mental depression will reduce the lifespan of cells in our bodies.

Corecell Energy aids the body to simulate its own ability to replenish cells, thereby regenerating and restoring damages.

Can Corecell Energy aid in recover of all issues?

Like any other complementary systems, Corecell Energy has its limitations. We keep doing research to explore the full potential. What we offer now is fully tested with a success rate of above 90%.

How much does it cost?

The exact treatment protocol and the quote can be provided only once we review your case. Please contact us for an appointment. This Corecell Energy is cheaper than standard stem cell therapy available in the market.

What are the benefits of Corecell Energy?

Corecell Energy provides many benefits some of which includes :

  • Aids in skin regeneration skin and slow down ageing process
  • Aids in restoring function of organs and improves overall wellbeing
  • Revitalizes your body and provides better energy levels and stamina
  • Enhances mental capacity and improves memory
  • Reduces bone and joint pain
  • Improves quality of sleep
  • Improves male potency

** Aforementioned results vary among individuals depending on their physical conditions.

Is Corecell Energy Safe?

This is pure energy based method. Corecell Energy doesn’t use medicines of chemical or herbal in nature. It uses pure water as media of energy transfer. It that can be done from distance at the comfort of your home.

Who Is Fit For This Therapy?

Those who are free of infectious diseases and cancer are eligible. If you are not sure, Please feel free to take our guidance. Cases involving infectious disease or cancer needs to be handled separately before starting Corecell Energy.
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