Energetic Foot Refexlogy Therapy

The new way of healing using ancient Chinese Traditional Therapy combined with Varma Therapy


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New Age . New Approach

Ancient Healing knowledge of reflexology s now modeled in renewed format with the Siddha Energy technology. This change makes reflexology a simple and more effective method, adaptable to the modern world. The most exciting part of this therapy is that it can be done directly and online!

What is Reflexology?

In reflexology, pressure is applied to specific reflex points on foot. These points correspond to organs and areas of the body. The treatment induces a healing response, even alleviating some ailments. This program does the same using energy.

Reflexology is one of the most popular types of massages

Beyond the feel-good effects of the treatment, the practice and purpose go deeper than the skin and muscles. Kneading the soft fleshy ball of the foot, pulling on the toes, tracing around the heel, and pushing deep into the arch are just a few of the movements you’ll experience during treatment.


Reflexology can address anything from headaches to sinus problems to stomach issues. If sensitivity or tenderness is experienced when an area is stimulated, it usually indicates bodily weaknesses or imbalances within the corresponding organ.

With repeated pressure and manipulation of nerve endings, reflexology can help clear any blocked energy channels. It is said to do so by moving the flow of blood, nutrients, and nerve impulses. This ultimately improves overall health and balance.

Other Potential Benefits

Cleanses the body of toxins

Boosts immunity

Increases blood circulation.

Promotes healing

Balances Energy

Scientific Background

Overall, there is little scientific evidence to prove the benefits of reflexology, including TCM foot reflexology, although some studies have concluded that it may reduce certain symptoms and boost well-being.

For instance, a 2019 studyTrusted Source found that reflexology was beneficial for individuals with breast cancer. The study involved 57 individuals who received either four reflexology sessions or no treatment. The researchers found that those in the experimental group were significantly less fatigued.

A study from 2014 with 80 participants looked at reflexology for anxiety. Individuals who had undergone heart surgery the day before received 20-minute foot reflexology treatments once daily for four days or a gentle foot rub with oil for 1 minute. The individuals in the reflexology group reported a significant decrease in anxiety compared with those in the control group.

Likewise, 2017 researchTrusted Source found that reflexology decreased nausea, vomiting, and fatigue in individuals receiving chemotherapy.

More recently, a 2020 studyTrusted Source found that foot reflexology effectively reduced heart rate in individuals with stage 2 hypertension or high blood pressure. The researchers also found that it was partially effective in reducing blood pressure.

Additionally, according to advocates, reflexology may help by:

  • boosting immunity
  • relieving colds and bacterial infections
  • easing sinus problems
  • improving back and arthritis pain
  • rebalancing hormones
  • overcoming infertility
  • regulating digestion
  • easing the nerve tingling that can occur when taking cancer drugs

What Is Energetic Reflexology Therapy 

  • This advanced system allows all the traditional benefits of this therapy transmitted through energy.
  • Instead of using physical pressure, it uses energy to activate all reflexology points.
  • Please see the chart below for details of areas of benefit of this program.
  • This can be done at home and as often as needed without looking for a trained reflexologist.

At a metaphysical level, conceives the ultimate Reality as One-without–a second (Ekam Eva). It is of the nature of the Word/sound (Sabda eva tattvam) and from it are manifested all objects (including speech) and the whole of existence.

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What we offer

This is now given as bonus therapy for the advanced Energetic steam sauna, and if interested to learn this separately the fee is Euro 1000.

Free with Energetic Steam Sauna Therapist Program

This therapy is currently being offered as a bonus add-on for Energetic Steam Sauna Therapist Program.

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Training is done online and takes approximately one hour. After training, you can do therapy for others wither hands-on therapy or online. 

Training and Energy Activation Fees: 1000 EURO

Service Structure & Enrollment

Each Training is conducted online, one to one between the therapist and the Trainer through a secured video conference. Sessions are usually pre-scheduled based on Training requirements.

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