Energy Steam Sauna Program

Indulge in bountiful health benefits by enclosing your body energetically in a steam – (yes, energy steam) sauna box! Introducing yet another phenomenal program created by Jothi Siddhar Sri Pranaji – where this therapy can be done anywhere and anytime, in the comfort of your own space!


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The Process

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Energy Steam Sauna Program

Most of us go through stress and anxiety issues in today’s fast-paced life. Our daily habits make our bodies accumulate toxins. The Energy Steam Sauna Program provides a unique process that can help our bodies detox and de-stress, and that too from the comforts of one’s home. Imagine your whole body steamed by energy as if in a Turkish sauna, like you are closed in the steam room.

This process generally works for everyone for overall well-being, as well as for people who have the presence of toxins and stress in the body or those suffering from nerve or vein issues.

The Energy Steam Sauna Program also helps with the self-detection system. It works by heating parts of the body areas of an individual who suffers from any ailments mentioned above as a form of detection, providing a clear signal that proper healing attention will be given and corrected throughout the program.

It helps in relaxing and flexing all muscles and nerves in the body. Highly beneficial to patients suffering from stiff, tensed, irregular, and even pinched nerves, as the Energy Steam Sauna Program warms up all muscles and nerves.
It helps to promote better blood circulation and removes or releases thick or frozen blood due to the sauna-like heating energy effect. This program is highly beneficial for patients suffering from stroke, blood clots, the thickness of blood, etc.
Detoxes facial skin and repairs dead skin cells – thereby brightening the face and promoting a healthier skin glow.
Profoundly relaxes and calms the whole body and mind, promoting comfort and healthier balanced emotions.

Your whole body is steamed by energy as if in a Turkish sauna where you are closed in the steam room, except that it can be enjoyed anywhere you are comfortable.

The Energy Steam Sauna Program is designed with a detection system. The process stops automatically when the toxins in the body have been reduced like 30% or completely removed, and the body goes through a complete rejuvenation process.

Energy Steam Sauna Program

In addition to the features of the Regular program, this specially tailored module adds several new dimensions to Energy Steam Sauna Program. This system not only gives you all the benefits mentioned but also provides deep healing for various list of diseases.

The advanced program is also a great way to help patients in recovering major health issues, such as the impacts of cancer or chemotherapy or countering the negative effects of diabetes, etc. Kindly refer to the list as one of the many examples.

Helps in healing all types of cancers, as well as regaining body health during the post-cancer recovery period.

Deep detoxing of the internal organs and thus improving their health.

Prevention therapy for the weak immune system – is helpful during a pandemic, or endemic, or even as a normal immune boosting aspect.

If done regularly, it helps in detoxing the negative effects of alcohol. It also will helps in recovering from lungs and heart damages due to smoking.

Helps athletes to recover from tissue and muscle injury.

Help in recovering from various forms of allergies due to toxins in the body.

Heals common cold, flu as well as other viral attacks or bacterial infections

Promotes healing for conjunctivitis

Helps alleviate problems causing diarrhea & stomach aches

Helps in relieving various forms of headaches

Helps healing on minor skin problems, scars and eczemas etc.

Other common disease cause by virus and bacteria

Helpful for senior citizens as preventive maintenance of their body. Improves health and wellness. 

Helps in countering the negative impact of diabetes on the body.

The Process

 Although these programs are highly advanced and work energetically, the process is pretty simple. First, a Master practitioner aids in activating a self-therapy applicant via distance activation or an online meeting.

The process begins by activating a bucket of water and soaking both feet for 15 to 20 minutes. Then, the water-starting method will be provided to the registered participants.

The process then begins, and benefit manifests from thereon. During the procedure, one will experience being in an actual sauna and detection based on the bodily conditions above. Then, the energy gradually covers the body and works through the cells in cleansing and healing. 

A good, much-improved result can be generally seen after the 5th or 6th sessions. However, the effect on toxin clearance, stress, nerve, and vein can be seen during the first session. Much good feedback was received from those with varicose veins conditions, which slowly disappeared by the 7th session and cancer cell reductions and cancer marker test improvement within the 8th and 10th sessions.

Common sensation or feeling during the process:
( any one of these based on body conditions)

  • Heat or warmth in the body 
  • The feeling of pressure inside the body and head
  • Sweating
  • Sleepiness
  • Restlessness
  • Sensation fo energy flow
  • Extreme calmness
  • Nausea
  • Burp or fart
  • Loose motion

 These sensations may happen depending on the amount of toxins, stress, nerve and vein problems, and disease in the body. This applies to both regular and advanced processes.

How to apply?

Please choose one of the following options and fill out the request form given below to apply.

Learning Self Therapy
Receive energy activation for self-therapy that can be utilized for 6 months or 30 times (whichever is earlier). The activation and training are done online

Fee – Regular: USD 250
Fee – Advanced: USD 500

Become a Master Practitioner
Receive energy activation as well as the BONUS energetic acupuncture learning and become a Master Practitioner for self-application as well as to others. The activation is permanent and for a life-long utilization. The activation and training are done online.

Training Fee – Regular: USD 1000
Training Fee – Advanced: USD 2500

The Advanced Master practitioner will also receive the additional bonus therapy called Energetic Reflexology Therapy

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