Corecell Thearpy 
How it works

The goal of Corecell Energy is to stimulate and accelerate cell rejuvenation and regeneration. As a result, it slows down the natural process of ageing and counteracts chronic diseases.

Science behind Corecells

For the first time in history, researchers were able to describe the mechanisms behind the process of cell identity.

Gross materials are a reflection of subtle energy. Based on this principle, the energy of Corecells become an enabler for rejuvenating any other cells.

Corecells are energy imprints of cells formed at the initial stage of body creation, starting from conception. The initial mass of cells created in embryonic development (highlighted in orange in the image below) has be ability to transform in to any cells or tissues in human body. This is knows as pluripotent cells in modern medical science.

Luiza Ghila, The University of Bergen says:

“The cells´ ability to change identity and function, may be a decisive discovery in treating other diseases caused by cell death, such as Alzheimer´s disease and cellular damage due to heart attacks”

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Through the medium of water memory, a cell identity can be successfully transferred to the body, that in turn can rejuvenate and regenerate organs. The concept of using water memory as the medium is in tandem with time tested system like homeopathy, Ayurveda and very scientific Siddha System from India. 

Memory is a form of energy with the ability to be re-produced in a target area through the principle of Entrainment. With this, any cellular memory can be infused to water from distance using Sri Pranaji’s proprietary technology for efficient transfer. 

What is the potential of Corecell Energy?

Corecell Energy has emerged as a blessing for millions who once lost any hope of recovery. We are offering therapies for most common and difficult to solve issues at this moment. We are working on increasing our team size to support more therapies and will have an expanded list as soon as possible.
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