Quantum Mask

The Corecell Energy Mask is a truly special answer to the issues we face in the current pandemic. Our greatest fear today is the Virus and all of its variants, and our ‘biggest Blessing’? Being able to stay safe. Ultimately, this is what we are all looking for today; a tried and tested solution to stay safe in from this virus in our day to day lives.

Infused with energy of herbs, minerals & Activated CBD Energy

The Corecell Energy Mask has been specifically processed and infused with a special energy using herbal and mineral compositions which energise and purify the air that flows through it. This mask is also infused with the energy of activated CBD. There are no chemicals or herbs are used in their physical form and is fully compliant with regulations. You can feel the essence of the energy as you breathe in the air filtered through the Corecell Energy Mask. It can take you to the mountains, breathing fresh, clean, and pure air – instantly clearing your lungs and helping you breathe easier.

Purifies Air & Improves Immunity

This Corecell Energy Mask has a unique property to purify the air you breathe, reduce the risk of infection, increase your immunity, and clear your lungs – all occurring when you wear the energised mask and breathe the air filtered through it. Even those infected (of all ages) have reported being healed, experienced their breathing become easier & lungs feeling clearer and healthier, & showed reduced symptoms and severity within 24 hours.

There are several testimonials stating how safe people feel using our specially energised masks. People using the Corecell Energy Mask, have said that they feel protected from the Covid Virus, and will continue to use it.


  • Specificaly energized  mask infused with healing energy & activated CBD energy. No chemicals or physical forms of herbs are used.
  • Washable 3-layer mask with adjustable ear loop.
  • The energy component lasts for three months with a regular washing cycle (once per day)
  • PPE Non-woven 100% polypropylene fabric – Equivalent to N95 Masks
  • Available in black & white colors.


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