This article explains how the spectrum of energy can be recognized and captured, programmed, and distributed through a digital media.

Science has proven that the world is made up of light particles that turns into its physical form, once condensed. In ancient times, human beings have long believed that all matters are made up of what we call as atoms; which were thought to be the fundamentally indivisible particles and building blocks of everything.

An atom contains a central core called the nucleus, made of particles called protons and neutrons. The nucleus is surrounded by mostly empty space, except for very tiny particles called electrons that orbit the nucleus; also known as subatomic particles.

Pic : An Atom Structure. Reference :

In 1897, Physicist J.J Thompson discovered electrons in a cathode ray experiment. Many atom models were proposed prior and new particles such as protons and electrons were discovered.  It was then known though; protons and neutrons can be divided to even smaller particles known as quarks. In an atom structure, the protons and neutrons are far larger than quarks and electrons, also presence of an empty space. For an example, if an atom were the size of a large city, each proton and neutron would be the size of a human; each quark and electron would be smaller than tiny freckles.

Through the discovery, each time when a new particle was discovered, it led us to more in-depth questions. What are the most fundamental building blocks of all matter? Are they pieces that makes up everything; from flowers to people to enormous galaxies that can’t it be broken down into anything smaller? Experts don’t know of any existence smaller besides quarks and electrons, neither they’re unsure of the simplest building blocks of matter. Those extensive discoveries tend to provide us the believe there always was something incredible yet or waiting to be discovered.

Higgs Boson

In 14th March 2013 (official), Higgs Boson was found in the Large Hadron Collider located at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), Geneva. The Higgs Boson, or popularly theorized as the “God’s particle”, is an elementary particle which is associated with the Higgs field – a quantum field which is responsible for masses of particles. The existence of this field explains the very question of “why particles have mass”.

Let’s now take look on how Nobel Prize Winner Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman (C.V. Raman) and his known spectroscopic technique. By understanding this further, we can see Sri Pranaji’s ability on developing digital energy as a result from years of discoveries.

Raman Effect

The Raman Effect was first discovered by physicist C.V. Raman (* 1888, † 1970) in 1928. The Raman Effect is based on inelastic light scattering at the chemical bonds of a sample. Due to vibrations in the chemical bonds, this interaction causes a specific energy shift in parts of the backscattered light which results in a unique Raman spectrum.

Similarly in the spiritual context, aura or energy field carries a distinctive atmosphere or certain qualities that emanate. Each aura field has its own signature and it is from here that energies were copied and reproduce into any forms desired, or as Sri Pranaji call as Digital Energy.

Siddhars and matters of God as Light

Here, spiritual scientists are also known as Siddhas. The Siddhas have stated that God is in the form of light, he/she does not have a name nor gender and is a pure source of energy. This primordial source of energy has its own quest in knowing it’s true potential hence duality happens – splitting one source into two and thereon.  In a simple form, this explains as Paraatma and Jeevaatma (Brahman and Maya in Vedic scriptures)

This light, ‘Jothi’ as we called is from the ‘Paraatma’ which in its true essence of “Energy that is created stays in the things created.” The Jothi has various vibrations and spectrums according to the nature of matter.

Through this knowledge of Jothi, Sri Pranaji designed a method that could capture and transmit almost anything in any form energetically via a digital form. This technology may sound impossible even to some leading Gurus of this time.

But for Sri Pranaji, in order to believe this theory, you would need to experience its truth.

A Simple Test for You

To help you understand the concept by feeling, experiencing, and believing, look at the image below. Sri Pranaji has activated with energy that will make your mind-altering to a calm, peaceful, and passive mode.

Experience it for yourself. Look at the image for 30 seconds and close your eyes.

Through the combination viewing from the instructed, an energy signature commences and surges through from its cosmic perspective and to entering the energy body field or in other words; the aura of a human being. This signature alters the state and through condensed blocks; the energy spectrum then manifests onto the body system, promoting healing and well-being potentials.

Based on both science and knowledge of Siddhas, we can now learn to connect on both, understand the essences of spiritual power and certain matters of turning what seemed ‘impossible’ to possible, what’s just a form of matters into physical manifestation. In context, everything is possible for an individual once they know who he/she truly is; as they realize the power of within, unlocking hidden potentials as well as healings.

The Siddhas believes the whole purpose of God’s creation is to experience the process and human beings are referred to as higher intelligence through this evolution of understanding their own nature. Religion, a particular system of faith and worship creates nuances of Gods with many names, as well as categorizations on doing, patterns of belief, and faith.

Here’s a question to challenge yourself – why would (the so-called) God ‘waste His time’ in creating some ‘game’, lets you go through certain tests and then decides on rewards or punishment?

“You are not a Sinner, You are a Learner” – Sri Pranaji.

Thoughts to Ponder – on Human Body and Its Capabilities

Biologists state that virus has an intelligence of its own, has its own ability to change its DNA and RNA, able to transform itself to resist medicines continues to evolve. On the contrary, we human being who embodies much higher intelligence should be responsive, possess great body system towards any harms from viral attacks.

In today’s world, unfortunately, the results were quite the opposite.  They explained (programmed) that our immune system does not heal on its own and we need external medications to support the healing. Over the evolutionary years, our immune systems were successfully weakened, be it on the ‘modern era’s’ situation, forms of stress, food, lifestyles etc. as well as productions of various kinds of medicines.

If we as human being, have the absolute power to self-heal, why have we become dependent on outer resources?

We urge you to think about this through and make your own conclusion.


Shakti Enlightenment Programme (SEP).

For those who are interested to learn further, Pranashakty Organization offers a 5-year program on the practice and art of energy manipulation, known as the Shakty Enlightment Programme (SEP). SEP allows individuals to find their own’s true divine potentials, awaken the unlimited power of the soul and understand the sole purpose of living.

SEP students will also be gradually inducted to ancient science of connecting to the energetic realm and will be ultimately equipped with the ability to experience for themselves every form of energetic practice known to man.

As the SEP is empirical in nature i.e not theoretical, the only scientific apparatus deployed throughout program is the senses inherent in the living human. SEP Students will be trained under the direct guidance of Sri Pranaji to sense, to visually perceive, to conjure, and to manipulate energies of various forms.

Upon successful completion, candidates will therefore be endowed with the most portable energy test kit for life – themselves! SEP graduates will thus be able to verify for themselves the quality of energy and its functionality. This is an important aspect to distinguish the highest truth. Successful candidates are also taught to conjure the energy to heal all dis-eases and manifest their deepest desires.

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