5D Therapy 

The new way for psychological and mental health

Right now, in this new age of awakening, a totally new process is needed. In this new process, the knowledge is from the ancient Siddhas, the 7th dimension spiritual masters.


2 days (4 hours per day)

Training Mode


After receiving training, you can do the therapy either hands-on or online.

What is 5D therapy?

The world as we know it has three dimensions of space i.e.: length, width, and depth, and one dimension of time. But there’s the mind-bending possibility that many more dimensions exist out there. According to string theory, one of the leading physics models of the last half-century is that the universe operates with 10 dimensions. 

Spiritually The 5th dimension (5D) is the first of the higher spiritual dimensions back to its Source. It is a plane of consciousness., a state of being, a perceived reality. In truth, it is a range of frequencies.

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The 5th dimension resonates much higher than the 3rd dimension, where most of humanity has been experiencing reality so far. In the 3rd dimension, our reality is distorted such that we experience ourselves as separate from the unified field of consciousness. In the 3rd dimension, the illusion of fear, separation, and scarcity appear as a reality. As a result, reactionary impulses such as anger, sadness, and other low-frequency emotions are common in the face of the circumstances of our lives.

Right now, this new age of awakening, which is a totally new process, is needed, where the knowledge is from the ancient Siddhas from the 7th dimension spiritual masters.

This powerful therapy 5D is knowledge from them to apply to this age, blended with understanding dimension and spiritual energy, to transform people to clear all their dis-functionality, which once seemed to make complete sense to the masses, now appears broken, unjust, and unable to serve the well-being of the human population.

This therapy has been specially designed with a spiritual process that is able to bring human beings from 3D to 4D and establish it in a 5D dimension where if they want to continue to develop in becoming a fully 5D reality, that can be pursued spiritually.

This 5D therapy focuses on clearing and installing the 5D dimension energy, which can clear.

Which issues are addressed?

Anxiety disorders

Behavioral and emotional disorders in children.

Bipolar affective disorder


Dissociation and dissociative disorders.

Eating disorders

Body Image/ shame

Obsessive compulsive disorder.



Relationship issues

Confidence/ self esteem

Career Growth


Specific fear

Specific Grief

Cellular Memory

The well-being of the body is linked to the quality of emotions; itself linked to mental pacification. The body intelligently manifests all its frustrations, its sufferings, its anger by a subtle language.

When the mind refuses to listen to it, it creates physical or even chronic ailments, which are only the manifestations of our repressed conflicting emotions.

The energy centers will then be disturbed in their proper functioning, no longer letting the energy circulate harmoniously. This particular technique of 5D therapy work on cellular memory resulting Thus tensions are released, the cellular memory gradually shedding its cumbersome layers of the past.

A form of liberation and lightness, both physical and psychic, is perceived, thus activating cell regeneration.

Online Training – Service Structure & Enrollment

Each Training is conducted online, one to one between the therapist and the Trainer through a secured video conference. Sessions are usually pre-scheduled based on Training requirements.

For those who need and more flexible payment please contact us thru the Business WhatsApp.

Fees for Training: EUR 1500

The certification is done only after at least 2 case therapies are completed and reviewed.

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Online training

The Training is 8 hours training done thru online and split to two 4 hours training. 

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