Free Corecell Energy for Safe Vaccination

 Sri Pranaji, the founder of Corecell Energy, has created an energy-based antidote to simply cancel out any side effects of COVID-19 Vaccine, without changing the vaccine’s immunization effect. Our antidote is given through energy to help you feel safe and healthy after receiving the vaccination. By doing this, you can put aside your fear and feel free to receive the vaccination. The antidote clears any negative reactions from the vaccine.

Why is it important?

Finally, after a long and drawn out lockdown, the long-awaited vaccine against Covid-19 is ready, but we all aren’t so sure if we’re ready for it. A few countries have already begun to administer it, and soon others will follow. According to various sources, it will be made mandatory for all. And you may not get a choice in whether you would like to or not like to take it.

Unfortunately, through our surveys, we find that a majority of people would rather not be in line to receive the vaccination, as few know about the side effects and whether these will affect them long term or short time.

Here are some of the side effects that have been reported as of now:

  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Tiredness
  • Headaches

And possibly more, these are only a few that have been reported. These side effects stay in the body for a period of time, and for which there is no solution yet.

How to participate?

Register – This is free therapy

Considering the difficult time that the world is going through, this therapy is done for free. To avail, please register using the web form below this section.

SAFE – purely Energy & water-based

This is a purely water-based therapy. All we need from you is a photo of a glass of water [200ml to drink] and drink it before taking vaccination.

To Register, submit the form below

Registered participants will receive an email with instructions and details of photo submission.

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