Varma or the Energy Points 

The other basic ingredient of importance in an overview of Siddha philosophy is the varma. Varma is energy points in the body mainly located on the skin and adjacent tissue. Injury to these points is one of the causes of illness in the body according to Siddha sages. Varma points act as pranic batteries boosting up signals, thus ensuring strong flow. The functions of varma go much further than just step up transmitters. Varma act as routing stations as well. 

The branch of Siddha medicine practiced extensively in pockets of Tamil Nadu and Kerala and called Varma is intimately linked with the martial system of Kalari Payat and silambam which was, and still is, taught in specialized schools called Kalari. This branch of science deals more with traumatology and accidental injuries. Meridians of energy flow exist throughout the body. There are ten major energy trunks (Dasa nadi) and 72,000 minor energy channels (Nadi) that link every single one of the body’s many trillions of cells. The energy that flows through these channels is focused on certain areas of the body. There are 108 of these varmas where energy is focused. Disruption of energy flow in these Nadi and varma can lead to illness. In order to revive the energy flow to its original state, the Siddha physician will apply massages, manipulations, and stretches, in addition to external and internal herbal and herbo-mineral formulae. varma science was instrumental in Siddha Vaidya, developing into the areas of trauma-associated blunt injuries and open injuries. Many local applications are used to address both open and blunt injuries, along with internal mediations. Fixed and removable casts were in use in Siddha Vaidya until the development of orthopedic facilities in India. 

The actual truth of varma point is not 108 or some say 4444 , a clairvoyant can see that this 72000 nadis are actual energy points that end in the skin and that each point clearly visible to the eye (the trained eye that can see energy). It was like the end of fiber optic that shining white light and this what we call prana body and outer call aura. This where I focus to further develop the varma and how energy and varma can help all current issues and well what will come in the future.

The below image illustrates the energy Varma point:

The varma and energy

There are specific energy used to the specific energy varma point that carries the attribute of the soul, body, or Jeeva , the specific attribute will be activated and flow to the body. For example, let say it a Jeeva point and the attribute makes the body lite as cotton, when activated the point with specific energy and instructions, the body will become lite as cotton. Amazing power is released just knowing the right spectrum energy and right point lot of “miracle” can be achieved. This knowledge is difficult to acquire as it takes years to understand each point, it attributes, its limitation, and the specific energy spectrum. Personally, I have done 100 points which allow for

  1. Special abilities
  2. Specific disease curing
  3. Kayakalpa
  4. emotional healings.

Some of the points I listed here, for safety reasons I did not name it or giving the attribute as if some overzealous people play with this point, the fatal result will happen and in some time even death will occur. 

I will reveal the point for healings only thru my workshop with proper activations and proper guidance so the power system will benefit mankind.

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